All of our new homes are custom built, based on what our clients needs. This means that we can also work with existing plans that you may have – and edit them if need be. We work closely with clients to ensure that they are able to review and approve every step including estimates, renderings, and final plans before starting the work itself.

My wife and I met with several contractors prior to building our new home on our undeveloped lot, with our rough plans in hand. We were extremely impressed with Lajeunesse Builder and Remodeler beginning with our first meeting. It was immediately apparent that they wanted to do everything they could to identify exactly what we wanted in our new home, and that satisfying our desires was their goal….not just putting up a building.

We could not be happier with our entire experience…beginning with our initial meetings, preparation of formal blueprints and the entire construction phase, and culminating with our new home! Everyone with Lajeunesse Builder and Remodeler treated us fairly and professionally at all times, and were always most courteous and friendly! We can honestly not think of even one negative experience we had during our entire project! How many people can honestly say that they are as happy with their contractor at the end of the project as they were when they first began?!

At the end of our business relationship, we had not only a beautiful new home, but also many wonderful new friends!— Rick Kemner & Catherine Cholakis

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Click the image below to see more samples of our work.

Click here to see more samples of our work.